Car Sharing

Need a car from time to time, but quickly?

Do you occasionally need a car for your business trips, your leisure activities or simply an errand? Several METPARK car parks welcome the Citiz network! A forerunner in car sharing, this company allows you to rent a car on a self-service basis for an hour, a day or more depending on your needs.

Visit https://citiz.coop to reserve your car!

Owning a car costs on average €6000 per year according to the Automobile Club. Citiz car sharing is more economical if you don’t use a car every day and if you drive less than 10,000 km per year. With car-sharing, the cost of rental is calculated according to the duration booked + the kilometres travelled. Everything is included: fuel, insurance, maintenance, assistance… Ask your agency for more information. In Bordeaux, Citiz is a service of the Autocool cooperative, which brings together citizens and local partners.