Make way for mobility !

The metropolitan parking authority PARCUB became METPARK on 1st January 2020. In line with Bordeaux Métropole’s guidelines, it adapts to new changes in travel patterns in the city to facilitate the mobility of its citizens.

With 31 car parks (superstructure, enclosed or underground) in 7 municipalities within the Métropole, METPARK manages nearly 14,000 spaces, more than 9,000 permits and welcomes nearly 2.8 million hourly visitors per year.

  • 14 car parks with 8,719 spaces in the hypercentre zone
  • 10 car parks with 2,810 spaces in the centre area (intra-boulevard Bordeaux)
  • 7 car parks with 2,688 spaces in the suburban area (excluding Bordeaux boulevards)

METPARK Metropolitan Parking Authority is a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC) and is responsible for the day-to-day management of car parks and their maintenance in coordination with an appropriate maintenance plan. METPARK may carry out all other ancillary activities relating to parking or more generally to mobility (services dedicated to users, for example).

METPARK in a few figures :

31 car parks

7 municipalities within the Métropole

14 000 places

9000 permits

2.8 millions million hourly visitors in 2019

A new committed dynamic

With its new visual identity and signature, METPARK is a key player in mobility and its challenges, reflecting and facilitating the directions taken by Bordeaux Metropole.

A cycling dynamic that has been in action for several decades

The development of bicycle use is the result of a global policy of beautification and calming of the city carried out for several decades. The pedestrianisation of the downtown area in the 1990s and the development of the quays in the early 2000s greatly favoured pedestrians and cyclists. The launches of free bicycle renting to Bordeaux residents in 2001, V3 self-service bicycles and the two metropolitan bicycle plans for 2012 and 2017 have doubled the number of bicycle lanes (650 km in 2011 to 1,400 km in 2019) to reach the level of the current trend.

Did you know ?

1/3 of people from the Métropole regularly use their bicycles

1/3 of people from Bordeaux State that they use their bicycles at least three times a week

50% soft mobility is on the 2030 horizon for the Bordeaux Métropole

Towards a 2024 map of Bordeaux Métropole

This growth is encouraging the Bordeaux Métropole to go even further in its cycling policy, with particular regard to the development of services to make cycling the main alternative to the private car.

Who is Metpark ?

We provide many services for two-wheelers, such as lockers for electric scooters and bicycles, maintenance kits and repair kits. With Metpark, the car park will now be a place of exchange, transit and, above all, eco-mobility.

Nicolas Andreotti – Managing Director of METPARK

Services and permits

With the will to diversify its services (car washes, air pumps, repair kits, parking guidance, etc.), METPARK adapts its pricing policy and develops new commercial offers.

There is always a METPARK parking offer adapted to your place of residence, work or leisure with permits (resident, permanent, 2-wheeler…) and special offers (performances, night packages…).

The metropolitan authority has also been managing the vehicle impoundment service for the Bordeaux metropolitan area since 2011. This administrative public service benefits from dedicated sites to store vehicles. In addition, this service ensures the return of these vehicles 24 hours a day, particularly at its two main sites in the Front du Médoc and 8 mai 1945 car parks.

Retrieving my vehicle

Our commitments to the environment and sustainable development

To safeguard the planet, METPARK must be bold, responsible and aware of tomorrow’s challenges. Individual mobility is diversifying and new innovative solutions are complementing traditional parking activities.
To meet the “green” challenges of the Bordeaux Métropole, the authority is active and creative in order to remain a virtuous reference for parking and sustainable mobility.

  1. 50% of METPARK’s service vehicle fleet is now electric.
  2. many parks have an intelligent lighting system to reduce energy consumption and light pollution.
  3. incentive packages for low-mileage drivers and environmentally-friendly vehicles have been in place for several years.
  4. parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles in order to recharge them for free in a secure place.
  5. reduction of energy consumption in all car parks through an ambitious renovation plan.
  6. offers adapted to intermodality: bicycle parking, scooter rooms, breakdown kits, free mixed parking for Tram/Bus customers.
  7. digital transformation and dematerialisation of services to reduce paper production and unnecessary travel.
  8. Finally, METPARK is about men and women who are involved in complying with good practices.

METPARK scored 93/100 in 2022 in this area.*

*Gender equality index at METPARK

  • Indicator 1: Pay gap – Score: 39/40
  • Indicator n°2 : individual increase gap – Score: 35/35
  • Indicator n°3 : percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave – Score : not measurable
  • Indicator n°4 : high pay indicator : 5/10

Final score: 93/100