Garez-vous dans le parking Lhote METPARK, proche de la place Tourny de Bordeaux. Places de parking véhicule, moto ou moto sur abonnement uniquement.

Lhôte car park

Bordeaux - Tourny
Access 5-7 Rue Lhôte 33000 Bordeaux Underground parking
Number of places
  • 107
  • 3
  • 4
  • 48
  • 2
Means of payment
Accessible to
Near to
  • Place Tourny 50m Place Tourny
  • Monument aux Girondins 260m Monument aux girondins
  • Jardin Public de Bordeaux 300m Public garden

Park in the Lhôte car park, just a stone’s throw from Place Tourny in Bordeaux.

At just a stone’s throw from Place Tourny, this car park, which is reserved for residents, is in an ideal location.

You can take advantage of the many local shops, tea rooms and restaurants in rue Huguerie, as well as the public garden, located a four-minute walk from the car park.

Tram lines B, C and D are a five-minute walk from Place des Quinconces and rue Fondaudège.

The Lhôte car park is secure and accessible for people with reduced mobility. In this car park, you can also take advantage of car rental and car sharing.

Get a season ticket for the Lhôte car park to use a car, or motorcycle parking space.



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Car card fee: 31€ / 2-wheel card fee: 15€.


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