Parking rules


1.1 – The present regulation is posted at the entrance of each car park, open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, as well as on the Régie’s website. It applies to any owner or user of a two or four-wheeled vehicle, provided that they are expressly authorised by a sign at the car park entrances. Generally speaking, and unless specific indications to the car park in question are given, it applies to any person accessing the car park. 

1.2 – Access to the car park entails the acceptance of the present by-law without limitation or qualification. This is in addition to the general terms and conditions of sale signed at the time of subscription. 

1.3 – Drivers circulate and park at their own risk. As the prices collected only correspond to parking fees and not to custody, surveillance or deposit fees, METPARK can in no case be considered as the depository of the vehicles and their contents. The Régie declines all responsibility in case of damage, accident or theft. 

1.4 – the Régie’s car parks are placed under video surveillance; as such, the images may be used in the context of a judicial requisition within a maximum period of 15 days. 

1.5 – Before entering the car park, drivers must make sure they have a valid means of payment: credit card, cash, car parking vouchers or season ticket. Payment by cheque is not accepted. 


2.1 – Parking rates at fifteen minutes are posted at the motor vehicle entrances and on the Régie’s website. Payment shall be due at the beginning of every fifteen-minute period. The fee schedule may be modified by deliberation of the METPARK Board of Directors. 

2.2 – The time-stamped ticket or season ticket must be able to be presented at any time and are required to access the car park as a pedestrian. 

Vehicles admitted may not: 

– Exceed the normal size of a parking space, i.e. 2m30 X 4m30, 

– Exceed the maximum height of 1.80m, 

Transport substances that may pose a threat to drivers or facilities, or even cause discomfort by their smell or fumes. As a general rule, any product presenting a risk of ignition or explosion is prohibited in car parks. 

– Exceed a total weight of 2 tons. 

2.3 – Drivers are required to switch on their dipped-beam headlamps at the entrance to the car park. 

2.4 – Any user placed behind another vehicle on an exit lane is required to wait for the barrier to close after that vehicle has passed. Drivers must insert their paid ticket or present any other authorised ticket at the exit terminal before leaving. 

2.5 – The loss of the time-stamped ticket or the failure to present the season ticket will result in the payment of a fee known as the “lost ticket” fee of a fixed amount indicated in the price list of the car park in question. 


3.1 – The highway code applies to the entire car park for all drivers of two or four-wheeled vehicles, motorised or not. 

3.2 – The maximum authorised speed on the traffic lanes and access roads is limited to 10 kilometres per hour. 

3.3 – Reversing is prohibited on traffic lanes and access roads, except to carry out the necessary manoeuvres to access or leave one’s parking space. Overtaking is prohibited. Updated on 01/01/21 

3.4 – Drivers must switch off their vehicle’s engine as soon as the parking manoeuvre is completed and only switch on the ignition when leaving their parking space. 

The same conduct must be observed in the event of a prolonged stop due to traffic jams within the car park. 

3.5-Only pedestrians using the public parking service are authorised to circulate in the car park to leave or return to their vehicles. They must use the crossings reserved for this purpose; if these are not marked out on the ground, pedestrian traffic must imperatively travel over a width of 1m20 along the parking spaces. Failure to comply with this provision shall release the operator from any liability in the event of damage or a crash. 

3.6 – All ramps leading to the car park are prohibited to pedestrians and strictly reserved for vehicle traffic. 


4.1 – Drivers must only park on the visibly marked locations on the ground. In particular, it is prohibited to park on traffic lanes, access or exit roads. 

In the event of non-compliance, the Régie’s operating staff shall have the authority to take any measure likely to restore normal operation by any means at their disposal, including the removal, without delay, of a vehicle that does not comply with the provisions of this article. The driver will be charged for any expenses incurred when moving a parked vehicle in conditions that endanger the safety of drivers or of the Régie’s equipment or that hinder traffic. 

4.2 – It is prohibited to park your vehicle outside of the marked-out spaces on the ground, or by encroaching on one or more spaces. It is also prohibited to park in reserved spaces (for persons with reduced mobility, electric vehicles, etc.) without authorisation or the appropriate vehicle. 

4.3 – If spaces reserved for recharging electric vehicles are located in the car park, parking on these spaces is only authorised for the time strictly necessary for recharging. 

4.4 – Any driver wishing to park their vehicle for a period exceeding seven days is required to make themselves known at the Régie’s head office or on the website of the Régie Otherwise, parking will be considered abusive. It may result, after formal notice, in the removal of the vehicle at the expense and risk of the owner and the vehicle being impounded, regardless of any measures taken to recover the sums due (Article L 325-12 of the Highway Code). 

4.5 – The driver shall also suffer any repair or improvement work that may become useful or necessary in the car park, whatever the duration and the disturbance they cause, without being able to claim any compensation. 

In addition, a vehicle that hinders traffic or impedes the execution of work or washing by the construction or washing company may be moved by the company within the car park. In these circumstances, its owner will not be able to contest the appropriateness or claim compensation of any kind whatsoever. 


5.1 – The user of the car park undertakes to ensure that their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, insured, and more generally to respect all legal and regulatory obligations at their expense (including the completion of the technical inspection within the regulatory deadlines). 

5.2 – In the event of failure to comply with either of these rules, the vehicle will be considered by the Régie as improperly parked and may result, after formal notice, in the removal of the vehicle at the owner’s expense and risk and it being impounded, regardless of any measures taken to recover the sums due (Article L 325-12 of the Highway Code). 

5.3 – If the driver has to call a service provider to take their car out of the car park, the breakdown service provider must make themselves known to the parking operators by an intercom call at the exit terminal in order to block the barrier. Parking fees related to this intervention are not the responsibility of the METPARK Régie and must be paid upon exit. Updated on 01/01/21 

5.4 – In the event of an incident of any kind (fire, power failure, flood, etc.), force majeure or extraordinary event, drivers must comply with the instructions given to them. The car park or its equipment (elevators, etc.) may also be exceptionally closed by order of the fire department, the police or the Régie’s staff without the driver, who will have to pay for parking, being able to claim financial compensation. 

5.5 – The existing electrical installation in the car parks is exclusively reserved for lighting or for the professional needs of the general operation of the park. No private connection is authorised except for the connection to the recharging stations made available to electric vehicles, which constitute an additional service offered to drivers. 


6.1 – Drivers move, circulate and park in the car park at their own risk, in particular with regard to damage or theft of their vehicle or its contents or themselves. 

6.2 – Any user entering the park who does not comply with all of the above-mentioned rules will assume full responsibility for all material or immaterial damage that may be caused to third parties and animals, things, including in particular the car park’s equipment, two and four-wheel vehicles both inside and outside the car park. 

6.3 – The Régie in operation cannot be held responsible for damage or injury resulting in particular from frost and water. It is up to drivers to protect themselves from these risks. 

6.4 – Under no circumstances does the Régie take out insurance in the name and on behalf of drivers and other persons accessing the car park to cover risks for which it is not responsible. 

6.5 – The use of any equipment or installation (with the exception of cash registers, toll booths, intercom systems, elevators, escalators reserved for customers and fire equipment), as well as entry into the business premises, is prohibited to any person who is not a part of the Régie’s staff. 

The Régie declines all responsibility for bodily injury or property damage that may result from failure to comply with this rule. 

6.6 – The driver is responsible for any damage that they or their representatives or agents may cause to other customers of the car park, their property, operating staff and the car park facilities. 

6.7 – Drivers are responsible for personal injury accidents as well as material damage that they could cause directly or indirectly, within the car park grounds, to other drivers or their vehicles, staff, animals and things including, in particular, the equipment or installations of the control room. 

In the event of an accident, the person responsible must immediately make a written declaration to their insurance company and to the head office of the Régie (9, Terrasse du Front du Médoc, BP 50712, 33007 BORDEAUX Cedex, or They must also contact the central control centre via any Intercom equipment in the car park. In the absence of a declaration in these forms, no claim for compensation can be made against METPARK. 

6.8 – For all claims, the driver must report the accident to their insurance company before taking any action with METPARK. 

6.9 – Any accident (crash, etc.) must be reported by the driver, without delay, to the central station via any intercom device present in the car park. 

6.10 – All claims must be made within a maximum of 30 days. Beyond that, METPARK does not accept any responsibility for the processing of applications. 


7.1 – No unaccompanied minors are allowed to enter the car park. 

7.2 – Smoking and using electronic cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the car park. Updated on 01/01/21 

7.3 – Washing cars, as well as any maintenance operation such as emptying, greasing, etc. are prohibited inside the car park, except in the places specially dedicated for this use and under the responsibility of companies approved by the Régie. 

7.4 – Acts of begging, the distribution of leaflets as well as noises considered as noise pollution are prohibited. 

7.8 – Any deposit of various materials or objects, even non-combustible ones, is prohibited. 

7.9 – The use of skateboards and rollerblades is strictly forbidden. 

7.10 – Animal access is only tolerated if health and safety rules are respected. 

In addition, dogs must be kept on a leash. 


8.1 – The staff of the Régie, easily identifiable by their uniform or by their professional card, are in charge of the execution of the present by-law. 

Any damage of any kind carried out within the car park and duly noted will be prosecuted. 

8.2 – Any violation of this by-law may be the subject of a decision to prohibit access, taken by the Régie, and, for subscribers, result in immediate termination of the subscription contract without notice or compensation, depending on the seriousness or repetition of the violation, without prejudice to possible civil or criminal proceedings.